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  • Goal #1: Successfully enter first round of early-stage seed funding 

    • The Nesting Nannies is currently in our early-stage of seed funding. We are so excited for this journey to raise the funds to further this mission to change the lives of student-parents during their higher-education journey. Help support by donating with the button above!

  • Goal #2: Support Mission & Rasie Awareness #spreadtheword 

    • We are calling all students, faculty staff and alumni, women-leading organizations, non-profits, college advisory boards, influencers, podcasters, bloggers and more to spread the word of our company to reach our goal to raise funds to invest in this mission.

  • Goal #3: Invest in Startup & Operational Cost 

    • ​During this stage of fundraising our plan is to invest in the company’s initial start-up and operational cost to further this mission on college campuses all over the world. Our goal is to raise at least six-figures to invest in this company. If you are interested in investing/donating feel free to contact us via or complete the prospective donor form below for larger donations.

Let’s Work Together

If you would like to DONATE a larger gift feel free to complete this short form to get in contact with our team to discuss future sponsorship, collaborations or partnerships. 

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